Peace with my past

I’m so inspired and delighted about the increasing awareness and advocacy for mental health. I just read the NAMI Advocate and that’s how I heard about this site. This is great. I have my own story and am happy to say that my darkest hours are behind me….back in 08 that is. I do wish resources like this were there when I was suffering but I’m grateful that they are here now and that people are becoming more aware and accepting of mental health issues. The best part of my recovery? Getting involved, advocating, and raising money for mental illness awareness, recovery, and hope. Also, through my involvement I have met others with similar experiences and have felt less alone. Sometimes I felt like people knew me but didn’t really know me because of what I’ve been through. When I’m around people that have shared a similar plight, I have this innate intuition that it is ok to share…their unconditional acceptance is liberating and brings me peace.  I’m a team captain for the NAMI Walk in New Orleans and got our group in 2 newspapers. I’ve expanded my networks and have talked to others that are passionate about this cause. It’s like this inner force that drives me and I put mental health before anything else. I believe I have found my calling and have finally made peace with my past by learning to fuel that pain into passion. Passion for hope, passion for healing, passion for healthy minds and hearts. Purpose and passion and peace….life is good. :)

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