Hi I have seen your blog and it has had me writing this over and over again so i can have just the right words. I have been hiding a secret from everyone; my parents, friends, my family, everyone. I have been unhappy for years and the one time I tried talking to a friend (ex friend now)about it and she stopped being my friend because of it. Soon after I started to self harm and i feel worse everyday. I hate almost everything about myself (especially weight). Its hard being a 14 year old girl without being told that i am looking for attention when i show my sadness, so i don’t. I just need a friend or someone to talk to(without judging).Thanks for letting my this down. P.S Its getting harder and harder to keep hiding.

— forgive-but-never-ever-forget

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    Hi I’m Amy I just saw this commercial about its ok 2 talk and wanted to see what it was about. I truly believe that...
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