What Do I Do?

I hurt the one i love yet again…. what do i do?… can I get some coping skills i could use; i can’t think right now ><

It’s Not that Easy

I was diagnosed back in middle school as severely Depressed. My entire family and most of my friends know this. However I still get the comments “Get over yourself.” “It’s not so bad.” I don’t know how to get them to understand that it might not SEEM that bad to you….but to me it is catastrophic, whatever IT is.

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Feeling Down

I’ve been feeling really down lately.. I’ve been happy, but then the last two days I’ve been crying at night and I miss my best friend, and I feel that everyone is going to leave me behind and I won’t get anywhere in life.. I’ve been on ADHD medication for 16 years and I’m just getting off (been two almost three months I think that I’ve been taking “natural” vitamins..) , but I feel like I’m wrong and I people keep telling me I’ll be fine, but I worry about everything.. And sometimes I think about killing myself.., but I don’t have the nerve to do it..
— adams-bluejay


All I wanted in life is to be respected, but I am stuck with this image of a clumsy blond. Everybody looks down on me and never takes into consideration that I am serious. I always act kiddish, peppy, and most of the time happy; so people think that there is nothing that can touch me. They do not understand how much I hate myself. I’m tired of being look down upon; tried of always acting happy, careless, and free because I’m not free, not from myself.


I’m 39 and i have no real friend to reach out too. I love to be alone because it’s best for me. When I’m in a dark place i listen to Mad World because i relate to the lyrics. It’s hard going through life alone but i manage since i have too.

via [activemindsinc] #ok2talk

via [activemindsinc] #ok2talk

My Experience and Advice

I stumbled across this website and thought it might be helpful for me to submit something I’ve learned. I’m 17 and have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder as well as some type of mood disorder. I’ve struggled with mental illness since I was very young, and my parents and siblings are also dealing with it themselves.

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Nice to have a place to talk or vent… Just get it out
— sittingquietly88

No Motivation…No Help…No Problem

I want to be a singer and entertainer and a model.

But, here at home I have no one to keep me going, No one helps me, they talk about me, and then they compliment me.
It hurts because it’s my family, My friends and I can’t even go to them.
It made me feel like I should just stop & give up.

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The Heart

"Listen to your heart. It knows all. It came from the spirit of the world and one day it will return there"

I am an 18 year old male. I was diagnosed with chronic depression and severe anxiety. Several times I have tried to take my own life. However the quote above saves me. It is my life line. When my girlfriend dumped me I gave up on life. Although I am not happy, I am safe. I am afraid every day. But I will get better. I will listen to my heart.