Short Story Made Long

1st Grade: Bullying and being made fun of for reasons I can’t even remember… Only 3 friends two of whom moved… My emotions didn’t control my life they WERE ( and still are ) my life… 

2nd Grade: Bullying continued and me and my 1 friend started to drift apart… Eventually we never saw each other again because I fell for him and everything just ended ( parents still don’t know ) Teachers hated me and I thought everybody did too… I was different even how I thought about things was different…

3rd Grade: I must have simply blocked it out because I can’t remember ANY of it at all…

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Stay Strong

I know it hurts. A lot. but you got to stay strong. I’ve been through a lot. When I was 10 I got uncomfortable going to my new school because the kids there did everything they could to make it that way. I started missing a lot and my parents got letters from the school so I had to go or they would go to jail. so they had to make me go and I hated it. one day when my dad dropped me off I was in the main part of the school and I didn’t want to move from the spot on the floor so 2 office workers called the campus police and he went in. he was nice but I was scared to go to class. So I guess the teachers got frustrated or tired and they each grabbed an arm and they dragged me down the hallway, into the elevator, and down another hallway and that’s when I made myself really heavy. They brought my teacher to get me to go in and she did. Once I got in they sat me in the back and gave me a test to start on like nothing happened. So I did to. About 2 hours later over the intercom a lady said I was being withdrawn. I had no idea what that meant so I got up and started walking toward the door and all my teacher said to me was “your backpack”. no bye, no nothing. so I went into the main school area and my mom was there and I was smiling like nothing happened but then she stood up and hugged me, said sorry and I started crying hard and couldn’t stop then she took me to the vehicle and my sister and brother were there and they hugged me and I started crying harder. my dad was inside yelling at everybody threatening everybody that he was going to sue and then he came out and checked my arms and asked if I wanted to sue but I said no because I wanted to forget about it. So i know that might not be bad but it traumatized me. I have had depression for 3-4 years. I have been unable to go to school. I tried every year since then but cant make it past 3 days. I recently found out i might have social anxiety and when i started at the beginning of this school year they told me this was the last year i could try and if i didn’t make it this year i could never go back. So i didn’t make it this year and i just turned 14 10/08/13. But i cant go back but im not giving up. Its hard just to get through the day but i have dreams. I want to bake, ghost hunt, and so many other things. i want to help people with everything. I want to get married when im older and have kids and i know that no matter how hard it it i just cant give up. I never wanted to hurt myself ever. but i know some people do and for the people who do think if your not here anymore the people who love will hurt probably worse than you and if you think no one loves you i do. I love all of you with all my heart. And just because your gone doesn’t mean the hurt will go away. Remember I love you and never forget to dream.

we are not human-beings having spiritual expierences… we are spiritual-beings having human expierences
- the book of truth

different stories

people have many differnent stories. I have watched over a thousand of videos on scuicide prevention. they act like they know what you are going through but they don’t even know who you truly are. It’s okay to have a different story and feel like no one understands. I would hate to ruin the ending but it is a happily ever after.

So I have this huge problem with abandonment and expressing my emotions and all it ever does it ruin everything. My best friend is making some life decisions that I was concerned about so I told ber my concerns. She listened, but everyday I kept pushing her and it just got to the point where she told me to f off and stopped talking to me. If I had expressed my emotions better and left her alone after I talked to her, none of this would have ever happened. Now, we may not be friends anymore and I am not dealing with that well. Everyone in my life that has ever left me has made a short remark like that and then never talked to me again. I’m scared that I caused this again. I hope not cause I don’t know what I’d do without her -Sky

I’ve had a hard life. My dad left me along time ago, so I haven’t had a man to raise me right. I’ve always had to lean on my mom for everything. I’m being bullied about alot of things as of late, with people calling me fat, gay, weirdo, crazy, and a bunch of other things. I just hide how I feel: I just have a smile on my face while I die a little inside. It just makes me mad everytime someone talks smack about me. I wish I could just have some friends that actually care how I feel. It’s like no one cares and no one is listening. It bums me out when a preppy jerk comes up to me and asks me if a rumor about me is true. I just want to wake up one morning and see people in peace. But it’s impossible at this point. I cope with all my problems by playing guitar. It helps me get my emotions out. But I want to know why is there so much chaos in the world.