When I’m Alone, I’m Not Okay

Sometimes I feel hopeless. Like a lost cause. I have these big dreams and goals I see for myself, but often find myself very doubtful of being able to reach them. I am a boxer, and I have a dreams of going somewhere with it, but I just can’t seem to find the motivation to get back into the gym. A lot of the time, I seem just fine.

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You ARE Awesome!

Don’t worry what other people think. Dress how you want. Do what you want. It doesn’t matter what other people think. You won’t see those people for the majority of you life. It’s worth being who you are and who you want to be. Love yourself and don’t let anyone make you feel less for being who you are.

Not Strong Enough

Idk what to do… i’m out of work on LOA due to anxiety and a breakdown from it. I’m bipolar and have an anxiety disorder which seems to get better then worse yearly. I have not made it more then a year working before i needed time off. So anyway my worry is i have been out of work now for one month and i’m suppose to go back soon i know that i’ll be walking back into a trigger zone. I’ve been applying for jobs with no luck and idk how to go about being out longer without my doctor or husband thinking i’m taking advantage of my time away. The past few months i’ve been self harming which i hadn’t done in about a year, i don’t want to go back to something that would bring those feelings back. I’m medicated and feel better but not strong enough to go back… so sad 


i’ve lost myself and don’t know how to get back…i need motivation

Moving Forward?

I am 21 years old, 4+ years after moving out of my parents house, I just realized how dangerous and unhealthy our (me and my three siblings) childhood was. Everything looks good, everyone acts fine, nothing is ok. We don’t speak of anything from out childhood, I don’t know how to talk with my siblings or parents about anything that happened. How does an individual move forward?


I am a sophomore and currently 16 years old. Life hasn’t always been the best for me. I am the type of person that doesn’t tell you how I feel. All the quotes on my phone are of how I feel and so is my tumblr. I have been struggling with major depression since the sixth grade. Today at school, everything was actually going pretty good. My so called “friend” came up to me and told me that girls in the locker room have been saying that I have a disease. I ran to the bathroom crying my eyes out. I finally went home. It hurts. Ppl around you may not know what you are going through. Don’t say mean things. How many suicides will it take for ppl to realize that the crap they say, hurts.

Someone Does Care

I am a mom of someone who uses this site. I found out about it by looking at my daughter’s emails. I cannot imagine the internal pain that must be felt by some of you. The feeling of being alone, that no one cares, and the need to harm yourselves. Maybe I shouldn’t of looked but I love her very much and I can see her changing. I want her or all of you to know that you are loved by someone! A parent, a friend, or someone on this site. I want her to know that even though I personally don’t feel her sadness, I feel my own sadness knowing that she is hurting to the point she needs to cut herself. You are SO loved!


I’m bipolar. And I suffer from depression. I get rather angry at people, and at things I do everyday. Everyday I want to stay locked up in my room cry. But I know that won’t change a thing. I Always felt bullied going to school, so I skipped alot of school days, when I tried turning over a new leaf by my senior year it was to late, the Dean kicked me out from school.

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Hang In

After 7 or so failed suicides, 20 cuts on my left arm, 1,000’s self destructive thoughts ever since I was 6, I finally decided to just deal with being in the body I am in. I was violated when I was 12-13 years old for months. I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and depression. When I am at school, I smile and wave to friends, laugh at jokes and share my ideas, but no one knows I cut, tried to kill myself, and hate my body.

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